2015 - Best Rolex Replica Watches Sale

I am a standard 80, was born in a mechanical family, three generations to the mechanical play, may be genetic, he grew up on machinery on extremely interested to father a child inside the yard, like holding tool, two bikes wire a wire cap, made a bow, wearing pants running replica watches around in the yard inside. Dad said I was a child as long as the new toy is not more than two hours, either split up, or is in the demolition when broken. . . Grew up on the car, bicycles, watches very interested in college when you play bike downhill, went dealers do technicians, repair bicycles, college friends went to car modification shop, car repair apprentice school converted, then there the formal work on doing the model, color play, to help a friend who install equipment IKEA furniture, trim hydropower, has been living for 28 years and do not pull apart and put open relationship.

Closer to home, after the Dragon Boat Festival and the adults went to Japan mother, friend travel special, without thinking set, a stay away trip, my mom this purpose is very clear, that is shopping, incidentally accompany I looked at his watch. My purpose is very clear, buy watches, incidentally, to accompany mom shopping.

Junior in high school, my father in order to encourage the university entrance exam, I bought a piece of precision V-steel shield, in that we all wear Casio's, wearing a mechanical watch, it is a matter of how proud, from After this the fifth shield passion for watches out of control, always wanted to have a college of aviation Breitling chronograph, large dial, sounded scale, just handsome to not work, but unfortunately he had no money, do not want to open the family since no again on the swiss rolex replica wathes home to over pocket money, with the passage of time, studied under the watch of knowledge, preferences change slowly, like some simple atmospheric style, the fifth piece of the shield has accompanied me for many years, until a few years ago, thinking to buy a Swiss watch, the first thought is still Breitling, after a period of research and exploration, locked the steel chain Seawolf, Nanjing no Breitling counter, to accompany his girlfriend time to go to Shanghai to visit relatives across the Plaza Breitling tried a little, on the counter, really good, but wear a wrist ......... Well is not that a shield, big, thick, thin skeleton small wrists I simply can not control, the heart suddenly retreat, and I like the big surface, but is a bit too much, there are looking for a lot of home, TAG Heuer Aquaracer to Omega hippocampus, IWC ocean, most like the ocean, but not so the budget to buy the table once again frustrated passion. One day rolex replica by chance saw Hamilton and his girlfriend have a shopping list is to attract attention, tried a little, immediately decided that it, Hamilton Navy pioneer, flour and blue pin small three-pin, ship bell shape, 40 table diameter , very atmospheric, very retro, but also cheap, the next day contacted a friend in Hong Kong received a week later. Have to say, though Hamilton is a populist brand, but the workmanship and accuracy is good, day difference +8 seconds for ETA2895-2 rough movement, we can say, this time to buy table also this end, after six months, or not to achieve the desire of Swiss watches, although Hamilton is SWISADE.

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